Luis Andrade

Developer FullStack

Tech Lead

Software architect

Luis Andrade

Developer FullStack

Tech Lead

Software architect


I'm a passionate JavaScript Developer with 6+ years of experience in the IT industry. During this time, I've created beautiful applications for various projects, and I'm proud that most of them have become successful businesses. I've been working with small and big teams, with different management approaches, companies with different cultures.


One thing I'm 100% sure, that teamwork and common goal is a key to make not typical, but outstanding work, and now my goal is to make your project successful because it's my success too, this is what I love to do. Experienced Full Stack Developer with a big stack of technologies such as:


✅ JavaScript (ES5/ES6/ES7+, Babel)

✅ React/Redux/React Native/Angular/Flutter

✅ Css Frameworks ( Material UI/Ant design )

✅ NodeJS ( ExpressJS ) / Django (Rest Framework)

✅ Databases ( MongoDB, Firebase, PosgresSql, sql )

✅ WordPress / Druppal


  • AGE: 21
  • residencia: Colombia
  • Email:
  • Address: Bogotá, Colombia.
ReactJS, AngularJS , VueJS...
Django, NodeJS, RubyOnRails...
AWS, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes
React Native, Flutter
I hired Luis to help me with the platform in my company, in a short time he becomes a key person for the company. He is a professional who always is learning, always update in tech, and great communication skills.
Mateo Pérez Salazar
Mateo Pérez Salazar
CTO BuenaPeople
Mobile Apps

Development of custom applications for android and ios.

Software Develop

Custom multiplatform software. I will make your project come true


Personalized and self-managing websites for your bussiness. SEO and analitycs


Creation and design of software architectures based on micro service. infrastructure planning and devops service

December 2017 - Present
Software Engineer

Within my expertise I have participated in freelance projects. In which I have always sought to provide customized solutions for my clients, providing them with the most favorable advice and guidance for their projects in terms of software. Provided services such as: Technical consultancies, DevOps, Mobile application development, CMS creation, website and more ...

April 2020 - February 2021
Senior Software Engineer

My role as a software engineer in kiero consists of the design, planning and execution of 3 projects within kiero (Payment gateway and static web generated and hybrid application). Leading a team of 5 people under Aguiles methodologies we managed to meet the proposed challenges in the expected time. With a test coverage of 75%, CD / C integration through jenkins, implementing sonarqube for code quality verification. Technologies, Django RestFramework, ReactJs and React native.

May 2019 - April 2020
FullStack Developer

My role within the team consisted in the development of microprojects (Microservices) for the software which is in charge of managing the hiring and payment of social security for domestic employees for Colombia and Mexico. The projects carried out by me: - Access control: Microservice in charge of Authentication and authorization for the entire project, based on jwt developed in Django RestFramework. - Payments: Microservice in charge of managing and automating payments by integrating SubMicroservices for the integration of third parties such as payu and wompi ACH. Throughout the development, tests with coverage of at least 85% were met, and the quality of the code was validated with sonarqube. and the development was executed in a specific docker development environment for each project.

Enter years
Leader and software architect

In leadership of a team of 5 people, version 2.0 of the platform was designed and executed, which integrated an api created in nodeJs express and mongodb. a Web Client developed in reactJs and an AppClient developed in React Native. Create the action plan based on scrum and canva methodologies. How I was also in charge of the infrastructure design and server configuration

February 2019 - November 2019
FullStack Developer
My role within the team as a fullstack developer was the full development of the home service ordering platform. Participate in all software development by creating an api created in codeigniter and web platform created in angular
September 2018 - July 2019
Tech lead

As a technology leader, my work consisted of the design, planning and execution of the projects received by the company, including the most relevant Hurbu ( Entire portfolio at

June 2017 - January 2018
FullStack Developer

In charge of the integral development of the risender platform which offered tourist plans to Peru, made with a Rest api built in laravel and an interface built HTML, CCS and JAVASCRIPT (Vanilla).

March 2015 - September 2015
Frontend Web developer
My work within the company consisted of the development of static webs developed in ReactJS and Angular
  • The Ability to Communicate
  • The Power of Observation
  • Reasoning and Problem Solving
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • React
  • React Native
  • AWS
  • CMS
  • English
  • Spanish
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